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Smarter building monitoring
is better for all.

The cost of common building issues like water and gas leaks is paid in the time, resources, and well-being of all those who live and work inside.

Informed, preemptive, and timely action mitigates these risks and their outcomes. Proactive building monitoring measures and immediate alerts are essential to the safety and success of buildings and communities.

The #1 source of property damage is non-weather-related water loss, or 34% of property-related claims. [1]

3-year-old children living with visible mold are 7 times more likely to develop asthma. [2]

Nationwide, the cost of a non-weather-related water loss is over $11,000 per loss.[3]

Leaks from U.S. natural gas stoves and dryers account for the climate change equivalent of 500,000 cars. [4]

Restructuring the Future of Residential and Commercial Monitoring

Bringing practicality and proactivity to residential and commercial building monitoring, ProSentry streamlines round-the-clock detection, real-time building insights and instant alerts into one comprehensive service. From water and gas leak detection to mechanical and environmental monitoring, our all-in-one platform makes it easy to remain informed and in control. Accessible any time, from any mobile device, ProSentry means peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Discover the ProSentry platform and how it can set your building up for success.

Our Platform

ProSentry: People-Centered, Solutions-Based Service

ProSentry’s approach to building monitoring derives from proven industry expertise and hands-on experience, with the belief that smarter building monitoring aligns with the priorities shared by owners, managers, and tenants alike. With solutions customized to each property, ProSentry’s comprehensive building monitoring, insight, and alert service advances the factors that matter most to your building and its stakeholders:


Robust wireless sensing capabilities streamlined into one simplified platform make building monitoring smart and simple - saving you time and frustration.


Real-time insights and instant alerts help you identify and respond to critical issues early on - reducing potential damage, displacement, and repair costs.


Insight and organized data help you make more informed decisions and improve outcomes - increasing tenant satisfaction.


Customized monitoring solutions, dashboard settings, and notifications make our system work for your property’s needs - elevating knowledge and control.


Risk mitigation safeguards your building and tenants - ensuring governmental and insurance compliance while lowering premiums and deductibles.

Peace of Mind

Reliable service from the ProSentry team is guaranteed round-the-clock - bringing confidence to the safety of your building.

Learn more about ProSentry’s comprehensive service and full range of wireless sensor capabilities.

Our Service and Sensors

The ProSentry Team:
Collective Experience Meets Industry-Leading Innovation

The ProSentry team is made up of industry-leading professionals whose collective experience brings together expertise in residential and commercial development, contracting, construction, and management with technical system design, engineering, integration, and strategy. A native understanding of densely populated cities like New York City lends itself to practical knowledge of building codes and regulations, insurance compliance, and implementing impactful solutions - from one building to a complete portfolio of residential and commercial properties. ProSentry’s approach to building monitoring combines this deeply rooted history with a dedication to cutting-edge innovation, while its service is committed to upholding trust earned by consistent and unwavering on-the-job excellence.

John Rusk President & Co-Founder
Sales, Strategy and Marketing
Industry-Leading Experience:
Founder of Rusk Renovations, Inc., working in high-end multi-tenant buildings since 1987
Member of Columbia University’s faculty since 2007
Nadav Schnall CEO & Co-Founder
Oversight, Operations, Marketing and Investor Relationships
Industry-Leading Experience:
Chief Executive Officer at Metalpress Service LTD
Vice President, FirstService Residential, New Development Group from 2008 to 2018
Andrew Hatzenbuhler COO
Business Strategy, Finance and HR
Industry-Leading Experience:
Chief Operating Officer of Rusk Renovations, Inc.
Columbia University, Master of Science, Construction Administration
Colgate University, Bachelor of Arts
Kurt Decker CTO
Chief Technical Officer
Industry-Leading Experience:
Chief Estimator of Rusk Renovations Inc.
Columbia University, MSCA, Construction Administration
Bucknell University, BSME, Mechanical Engineering
Dan Hurley Technical Manager
System, Software, and Hardware Implementation
Industry-Leading Experience:
Head of Logistics, Rusk Renovations Inc.
Saint Joseph’s University, PA
Eve Rusk Marketing
Marketing Strategy and Implementation
Industry-Leading Experience:
Head of Marketing, Rusk Renovations Inc.
Central St. Martins, London

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