The ProSentry Platform

All-In-One Building Monitoring, Insights and Alerts

Transforming Building Monitoring in Real-Time

Streamlining round-the-clock detection, real-time building insights, and instant alerts into the palm of your hand, ProSentry’s all-in-one wireless monitoring platform brings a practical and proactive approach to better building monitoring. Accessible anytime from any mobile device, a complete, up-to-the-minute perspective of your property helps you improve time and money-saving efficiency, informed decision-making, and priority-focused outcomes. With a team of industry-leading professionals behind its comprehensive service, ProSentry safeguards your property and the time, resources, and well-being of owners, managers, and tenants alike.

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Your Quick Start to Better Building Monitoring

ProSentry’s solution is powered by its wireless network of sensors and robust monitoring capabilities. Designed to seamlessly integrate and effortlessly elevate existing systems, getting started with ProSentry is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Select your monitoring targets
Deploy your custom wireless sensors
Connect to your personalized dashboard

After a free on-site survey and building-specific network design by the ProSentry team, customize your wireless sensor selections with ProSentry’s full scope of smart sensors. Your system arrives at your doorstep ready to install in the location of your choice. Connect to your personalized dashboard where your sensors effortlessly integrate with ProSentry’s all-in-one monitoring platform. Focus on your detection targets and acquire insights from your smart sensor network in real time.

Your Personal Dashboard

Your personal dashboard on the ProSentry platform is your access point for elevated insights and enhanced management. Real-time updates, intuitive reporting, targeted analytics, and organized records help you make more informed decisions and improve outcomes, both now and in the future. An easy-to-navigate, remotely accessible home for all your building monitoring needs, your dashboard grants you access to:

24/7 monitoring and targeted critical issue detection
Instant, location-specific alerts, and live operator calls
A secure customer portal and record-keeping system
A complete view of ProSentry’s sensor insights and integrated building systems
A personalized dashboard calibrated to your detection targets
Easy-to-understand analytics and decision-informing analytics
A comprehensive report of all property incidents
Organized data collection and record keeping to optimize monetization
Centralized control for multiple properties from any digital device

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Your Immediate Alerts

Instant alerts at the first sign of a risk factor or malfunction inform you and selected contacts via your preferred communication methods - including text, email, app notification, and live operator call. Detailed information about the exact location and nature of the issue gives you the necessary head start in preventing minor issues from progressing into bigger problems with the potential to impact safety, costs, time, and relationships.

Your Building Success

The ProSentry platform is designed for elevating efficiency, improving outcomes, and increasing the satisfaction of owners, managers, and tenants alike. Designed and serviced by ProSentry’s team of industry-leading professionals, the ProSentry platform keeps your building at the forefront of innovation and performance excellence.

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