ProSentry’s Service

All-In-One Building Monitoring, Insights and Alerts

ProSentry’s Comprehensive Building Monitoring Service

ProSentry streamlines cutting-edge technology into a practical and proactive approach that elevates efficiency, improves outcomes, and increases the satisfaction of building owners, managers, and tenants.

Our comprehensive building monitoring, insight, and alert service includes:
Your Monitoring Solution

Starting with a free building survey and building-specific wireless network designed by ProSentry’s team of experts, we create a customized selection of smart sensors to monitor 24/7, detecting critical issues in real time.

Your Targeted Insights

Your personalized dashboard on the ProSentry platform delivers up-to-the-minute insights and a complete view of your monitoring data, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Your Instant Alerts

Within seconds of detecting critical activity, ProSentry alerts you and your selected contacts about the exact location and nature of the issue via your preferred communication methods, including text, email, app notification, and live operator call.

Your Ongoing Protection

Reliable, round-the-clock monitoring safeguards your property and brings peace of mind. One cost-effective, monthly fee covers ProSentry’s all-in-one monitoring platform, alert services, ongoing updates, and support from the ProSentry team.

Meet the team behind ProSentry’s people-driven, solutions-based service.

About ProSentry

Building-Wide Wireless Sensing for Targeted Detection

Your monitoring solution is powered by your wireless sensor network, custom-designed by ProSentry’s team of experts for your property and integrated with your selected smart sensors. About the size of a hockey puck or a flat nail file, and equipped with long-life batteries, expected to last at least 10 years, each sensor powerfully monitors multiple mechanical functions, key spaces, and potentially vulnerable areas.

Our scope of smart sensors includes:
Water Leaks
Natural Gas Leaks
Boiler Temperature
Exhaust Fans
Temperature / Humidity
Elevator Motion
Roof & Terrace Drain
Sump Pit Water Levels
Trash Container Levels
Water Tank Levels
Mouse Traps
Door / Window Ajar
Automatic / Remote Water Shutoff Valve
Smoking / Vaping - THC & Tobacco
Water Metering

All-In-One Smart Building Platform for Elevated Insights

ProSentry’s service centers around its all-in-one building monitoring platform. Your personalized dashboard brings you a complete view of your monitoring data and real-time insights from your smart sensor network. Accessible from any mobile or desktop device, and able to be integrated into your existing systems and devices, the ProSentry platform makes it easy to stay connected.

The Platform
Your dashboard includes:

Real-time readings from each sensor in every space

A history of response profiles for every incident type

Organized and detailed data for multi-property portfolios

Integration with other existing building management systems via an open API protocol

Management of device controls such as remote water and gas shutoff valves

A customizable notification center with options including text, email, app notification, and live operator calls

Up-To-The Minute Insights and Alerts for Effective Action

Instant alerts at the first sign of a leak or malfunction inform you and selected contacts via your preferred communication methods - including text, email, app notification, and live operator call. Detailed information about the exact location and nature of the issue gives you the necessary head start in preventing minor issues from progressing into bigger problems with the potential to impact safety, costs, time, and relationships.

A Water or Gas Leak Alert Timeline with ProSentry:


ProSentry smart sensor instantly detects leak, issue or malfunction


Mobile alert received with precise location and nature of the issue


Live operator call made to you or your previously selected contacts


Building staff turns off water or gas valve or responds to issue

Safeguard Your Property. Increase Your Savings. Take Back Your Time.

Are you ready to put an end to: Costly complications from water leaks, infestations, and other undetected issues? Rushed and reactive repairs and replacements due to slow response time? Strained tenant relationships from delayed responses?  Higher insurance deductibles or canceled policies over previous claims? Potential penalties due to lack of compliance with upcoming natural gas detector regulations?

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