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From water and gas leak detection to mechanical and environmental monitoring, ProSentry streamlines real-time detection, information, and alerts into one comprehensive platform - bringing peace of mind to residential and commercial multi-tenant real estate.

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Presenting a new approach to smart building monitoring designed to safeguard buildings, ProSentry makes it easy to monitor your risks by placing robust sensing capabilities into one simplified platform. ProSentry monitors in real-time, detects critical issues and malfunctions, and notifies you immediately if an issue arises.

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Multiple Wireless Sensor Solutions. Single-Platform Management.

From water and gas leak detection to mechanical and environmental monitoring, ProSentry offers a wide range of sensing capabilities as part of a custom wireless sensor network. The ProSentry IoT platform delivers a unified, strategic view of your property and makes it accessible any time, from any mobile device. Real-time building insights and instant notifications help you make informed decisions and respond to potential concerns before they escalate - reducing costs, avoiding frustration, saving time, and mitigating risks.

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Getting started with ProSentry is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Select your monitoring targets, deploy your custom wireless sensors, and connect to your personalized dashboard. Designed to stand alone or seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ProSentry keeps you informed with custom alert options including text messages, live-operator calls, e-mails, and app notifications. From one smart building to a complete portfolio, ProSentry brings innovation and ease to better building monitoring.

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ProSentry smart sensor instantly detects leak, issue or malfunction


Mobile alert received with precise location and nature of the issue


Live operator call made to your previously selected contacts


Building staff turns off water or gas valve or responds to issue

Water Leak Detection Helps Secure Insurance

As the insurance industry faces its most challenging market conditions in decades, ProSentry’s Point of Leak (PoL) wireless smart building water sensors are a proven solution for building-wide risk mitigation. While buildings with a history of leaks may be rejected for coverage or face substantial increases in premiums and deductibles, ProSentry equipped with ProSentry’s monitoring platform lower their building’s risk profile and increase their attractiveness for insurers.

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ProSentry means peace of mind in the palm of your hand – safeguarding all those impacted by reliable, round-the-clock monitoring, instant on-the-go notifications, and the assurance that your smart buildings are running smoothly. More than a technology service provider, we’re your partner in better building monitoring and enhanced building management.

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